Our Focus: Multimedia Services & Business Solutions

We focus on your unique and specific needs. Together we will discuss those needs and your goals.

Our process for taking on new clients is outlined below.

  1. Discovery: "Intrepid Network will meet with you to Identify your goal(s) and discuss the needs of your business -or- organization. At this meeting, we will discuss the project budget for each phase of the process. We will then put together a Statement-of-Work that outlines how we will meet your needs within your budget with an estimated launch date."

  2. Research: "Intrepid Network evaluates your direct and indirect competition along with any industry partners you may have. Once we have some adequate ideas, we move into the design & development phase."

  3. Design & Development: "Intrepid Network provides multiple review opportunities during the process. Once we have your approval on a final solution we will begin."

  4. Launch: "Promote the launch of your project with your website, social media, select print publications, and other key media outlets."

  5. Analyze: "Intrepid Network provides monthly, quarterly and annual reports providing a wealth of data for marketing and promotions. Our reports provide mission-critical data that are used to continuously improve the success of your project(s)."

  6. Brand Management: "Intrepid Network ensures your brand's online image is solid and constantly improving."

Our prices, time frame, and strategy for various online projects, including website creation and publication are on a case-by-case basis.

Graphic Design