Google My Business: What, How and Why

It is a cost-efficient and easy approach to make your business more discoverable both online and in real life.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (commonly known as GMB, and previously known as Google Local and Google Places) is a totally free, simple-to-use tool that enables companies with physical locations to handle how they appear in Google Search and its growing portfolio of utilities.

If you haven’t set yours up yet, today is a fantastic time to start!

The key difference between Google My Business profiles along with other directories is that your Google business list can be optimized with exceptionally detailed info that might be output by Google into a variety of very significant places with large online visibility. Places like!

Google Knowledge Graph

The box containing business info that appears at the top-right-hand corner of the Google search results page on a desktop computer, and near the top on mobile, when someone searches for your business name.

Google Knowledge Graph

Google Local Pack

The 3 Google listings that appear beneath the map when someone searches for businesses in or around a certain location (e.g. ‘business improvement district in ocean beach’).

Google Local Pack

Google Maps

The long-trusted application that’s used to get directions and discover businesses and locations, is available on almost every device, mobile or desktop.

Google Maps Ocean Beach San Diego California

“Your GMB profile is the least expensive and most efficient method to gain exposure for your business today,” states Josh Utley, owner of Intrepid Network, Inc. As a multimedia specialist, Josh holds multiple awards for his website design & development. He spent decades in the multimedia field and manages multiple websites. Josh has increased the exposure of his clients with Google My Business.

Check out these results. Josh has only begun working with the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association three months ago on their Google My Business page, these are the QUARTERLY results:

The organization’s Google My Business profile appeared 3,931 times in searches.

  • 355 visitors took action
  • 236 users clicked on the website
  • 47 users requested directions
  • 72 phone calls
  • 18,100 photo views

A GMB profile that is managed makes a social network kind of profile on Google Search. For a local business, Google My Business is more essential than an online website for engagement.

How: Actively manage your Google My Business profile

Google My Business makes it easier for clients to find you, online and in your physical location. However, you must dedicate time to finishing your profile information, regular upgrades, and reviewing your profile, such as Google Reviews.

  • Enter complete data for your profile (don’t leave anything to a suspect or assumption).
  • Complete the verification process (Once you’ve supplied the essential verification information, Google will send you a postcard with a PIN. Once you receive it, simply enter it in the space provided on your profile and you’ll be confirmed!
  • Add photos and videos. You’ll need:
    • Logo image
    • Header/Cover image
    • Photos to spotlight features of your business that customers consider when making purchasing decisions.
  • Manage and respond to customer reviews.

Monitor and review your Google My Business Insights

Over the last several years, Google has made tremendous strides with analytical data for GMB listings.

Called Insights, Google provides businesses another way to understand how clients interact with business listings, for example:

  • How Customers find your listing
  • Where clients find you on Google
  • Customer actions
  • Direction requests
  • telephone calls
  • Photos

Why Care About My Google My Business?

An optimized GMB profile/listing assists Google know more about your organization! Who you're, what services/products you sell, where you’re situated, your website URL, and what your current customer’s expertise has been like.

The advantages of Google My Business are threefold:

  • Increased visibility in search
  • The better shopping experience for buyers
  • More traffic to your website, social channels, along with your front door

The more Google knows about you, the more forms of searches your GMB list can appear in.

Are there any negatives to having a Google My Business page?

When there are more positives than negatives, GMB doesn’t come without its issues. Google is still working out some of the kinks for industries and has encountered issues with showing service area businesses in Map results. While they seem to be getting a much better grasp on this, the issues occur.

It may be a Significant learning curve

Newbies may find GMB somewhat overpowering. This latest re-invention has some drawbacks that are bothersome. Whilst it may be touted as “easy to use,” in practice it may be challenging.

It's time intensive

The UI is somewhat clunky. I had trouble with a few clients’ verifications. It took a lot of work (multiple telephone calls to support over 3 months' time) to get their GMB listing/profile verified.

Adding content could be time intensive, particularly if you don’t have good, relevant content and articles.

It may take six months to see the considerable results

As with “organic” marketing (not paid ads), Google My Business list results will start to show striking improvement by the 6-month mark. The Ocean Beach MainStreet Association results are only at the three-month mark. Nevertheless, it’s already working! You’re building a lasting presence on the most significant internet search engine on the planet that attracts clients to your niche place …without paying for advertisements!

People can place their very own images on your own profile

Now, this is expected to be a positive (and it is) but you already know just what I’m going to state. When individuals may use their own pictures, there's a chance those photos won't be a representation of one's business. They may show prominently on your list. Standard monitoring will mitigate this occurrence and Google has a process to flag a photo for elimination.

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