FSCI - FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute

FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute
501(c)3 Private Nonprofit Business Organization

The FORCE11 Scholarly Communication Institute (FSCI) is the platform and the incubator for the educational answers to this change. FSCI was conceived in 2017 as a platform to bring together the expertise of the globally diverse FORCE11 (The Future of Research Communication and eScholarship; www.force11.org) community to address this continuing need for knowledge transfer and skills training at a high level. Organized by FORCE11 community members in collaboration with the UCLA Library, FSCI assembles researchers, scholars, librarians, publishers, funders, and research administrators to explore new developments in open science, knowledge creation, and communication.  FSCI Courses range from basic orientations to advanced topics parsed by different domains/disciplines, with the goal to foster community-driven understanding and solutions for the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities that are transforming the way science and scholarship is conducted and communicated. Researchers “return home” from the summer institute with important skills training – but more broadly, are newly equipped with ideas, tools, and tactics for instigating change in their disciplines and at their institutions.