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Make your own edits and add your own pages 24/7 with the addition of a content management system. Intrepid Network utilizes the Drupal web design framework and are experts in creating Content Management Systems with the following features:

  • Completely custom look
  • Mobile first and responsive design
  • Update your web site 24/7 with no programming knowledge
  • Create unlimited pages
  • Create searchable content
  • Add multiple levels of administration
  • Fine grained permissions
  • Customer management tools
  • Subscription based content
  • Password protect areas of your web site
  • Broadcast messages to your visitors
  • Search engine friendly framework
  • Core and Module Updates
  • Optimized for maximum performance and speed

Drupal is an open source creative web design software widely used by high profile businesses and organizations, such as, The White House, NASA, MTV-UK, and Yahoo Research.  It is a Content Management System application that enables rapid creation, management and publishing of content on the web in a steady organized manner.

The cost of web design can be high whenever a Content Management System (CMS) is needed.

Drupal for Web Design

Drupal website design is an award winning CMS having a collection of many great and creative web design features such as multi-user administration, community interactivity and news aggregation.

The good track record of Drupal creative web design software garnered numerous awards won.  In 2006 it won 2nd place as the “Best Overall Open Source CMS.” In 2007 Drupal website design software snatched 1st place for “Best Overall Open Source CMS” and was also awarded 2nd place as the “Best PHP Open Source CMS.” In 2008 Drupal website design platform maintained the 1st place spot for the “Best Overall Open Source CMS” and what was 2nd place a year ago was now 1st place as the “Best PHP Open Source Content Management System. In 2009, the creative web design software was still rank 1st place for the “Best PHP Open Source Content Management System and was a recipient for the award “Open Source CMS Hall of Fame.”

The community of Drupal users have gathered a pool of creative web design resources to promote and give support for online users.  The flexibility of Drupal website design to adapt to almost any circumstances is well proven by a wide range of business entities from sole proprietorship to huge corporations. Intrepid Network Inc. proudly supports the Drupal Association as an Organization Member.

High Profile Websites Using Drupal

A number of high profile sites were using or migrating to Drupal creative web design platform. These includes:,, The New York Observer, Warner Bros. Records, Fast Company – a business and technology magazine with over 200,000 pages, Popular Science – used by universities with over 60,000 pages now redeveloped to move to Drupal website design.

Web Design with Drupal is Highly Modular

Drupal being highly modular can provide a solid foundation for website designing. Free Drupal website design modules are constantly being written and provided online to satisfy nearly every user’s creative web design requirement. These modules come by the thousands and produce a mind boggling array of Drupal website design capabilities. When a particular web design module is needed for some specific requirements, then it isn’t difficult to write and produce the customized module to satisfy those creative web design preferences

Because of the dynamic nature of Drupal website design, it cuts the website development process significantly shorter and the equivalent cost as well.; Maintenance cost is lowered also.

There are thousands of Drupal creative web design module contributors on the internet and over 200,000 members. A tech support team guarantees security and safety of Drupal website design user installation. They provide web design software patches and updates for Drupal to run more securely and stably.

Over time web design content get out-of-date. This causes problem when sites still flash offers which have already expired but remained unnoticed.  Drupal website design prevents this from happening by placing the creative web design contents on pre-set schedule dates – when to go live and when to expire.


The Drupal community has adopted an Accessibility Statement that sets goals for both the software we produce as well as websites managed by the Drupal Association. Although there are a lot of standards, the most widely adopted internationally is the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA.

These guidelines provide many best practices for eliminating barriers for participation on websites. Since the site has moved to Drupal 7, many accessibility problems have been resolved because because Drupal Core has resolved many problems in the API.

Common problems include:

The WAVE Toolbar is a simple add-on, but there are a bunch of tools which can help test for accessibility.

We try to follow WCAG 2.0 AA because it means that our community can support as wide a range of designers, developers & documentation people as possible. If there are problems with the accessibility of the current site, please post an issue to the Webmasters issue queue and tag it "accessibility".


Creative web design using Drupal establishes a more competitive pricing as a consequence of lowered cost brought by the software’s open source nature. Drupal website design is also SEO friendly; therefore, it is extremely easy for us to integrate our expertise into the initial production and ongoing life of your website.

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