Search Engine Placement

How important is it?

Search engine placement can mean the difference between the success and failure of a website. Our search engine placement service is guaranteed to increase your exposure in major search engines. Top search engine placement can mean more business, better leads, and improved customer retention. If you are serious about using the Internet to create more and better leads, then this service is a must for all companies.

White-hat SEO achieves results

The team at Intrepid Network are experts in getting websites to the first page in Google through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our method builds upon what Google is looking for in a good website. Performance, responsive design, fresh content, keywords, links, and programming. We provide your website the ability to achieve the best possible results in organic search. There are many levels of service we provide. Each service level achieves results.

How Drupal helps

Drupal is a framework that enables developers to interface with its base technology rapidly. The result is that developers can create and maintain modules that keep up with the demands of the modern Internet. There are many modules that are related to SEO. Each module achieves a specific goal. Intrepid Network then takes that module and integrates it into your website. One notable module is the Site Verification module. This module requires a webmaster account with the top search engines and another module called XML Sitemap. Intrepid Network has these webmaster accounts where we provide all our client's websites the ability to automatically notify Google, Bing, and Yahoo when you add, edit, remove or even restructure content.